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**Requirements for Applying for the Verified Badge on Ufiy.com**

Verified badges differ from Meta Verified badges on Ufiy.com. Verified badges confirm that an account associated with a recognized individual or brand represents a genuine entity.

Meta Verified is a paid subscription that confirms the account's verification and authenticity, offering a features and benefits package for eligible profiles and businesses. If you already have a verified badge in accordance with the previous requirements, you can still apply for Meta Verified.

There are two ways to obtain a verified badge:

1. Subscribe to Meta Verified and get more information about eligibility criteria.
2. If you are a recognized individual, celebrity, or brand and meet the specified account and eligibility requirements, apply for the verified badge.

When evaluating Ufiy.com accounts without a Meta Verified subscription, we consider several factors to determine if they meet verification criteria. Your account must adhere to the following criteria:

- **Authenticity:** It should represent a real person, registered business, or organization.
- **Uniqueness:** It must represent the unique entity of a person or business. Only one account per person or business can be verified. Custom accounts are an exception, but accounts focused on general interests (e.g., @puppies) cannot be verified.
- **Completeness:** Your account must be public, have a biography, a profile photo, and be active at the time of application.
- **Significance:** Your account should represent a well-known, frequently searched person, brand, or organization. We review accounts highlighted in multiple news sources and do not use paid or sponsored media content as a review source.

If you meet the above account and eligibility requirements, you can learn more about how to apply for the verified badge.

Note: Before applying for the verified badge, ensure that your username is the desired one, as you cannot change it after verification. Providing incorrect or misleading information during the verification process may result in the removal of your verified badge and potential account suspension.

If your account is approved for credibility by Ufiy.com, enabling additional security measures such as two-factor authentication is recommended. Learn more about other security tips on Ufiy.com for a safer experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us at this e-mail address.